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จันทร์ - ศุกร์ 11:00 น. - 20:00 น.
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About Us | Behind Formal Affair

Formal Affair is created based on a belief that luxury is quality and that quality does not come cheap. We want to present ourselves as that confident, well-dressed and classy girls - the pressure is even more intense these days when Like any girls, we appreciate all the fine and beautiful things in life, while at the same time we usually think twice (ore more!) before splurging our hard-earned money on luxurious items.

As we pick what is to wear for our next event and wonder what pose to strike for our ig posts, we often find ourselves having a dilemma of balancing: 1) quality & beauty 2) variety and 3) affordability.

Formal Affair's mission is to allow us girls to 'have it all". We offer authentic and beautiful dresses sourced directly from leading and upcoming designers from all over the world. We offer systematic booking, ordering and fuss-free shipping process.

On a smaller scale, we hope to be that generous friend of yours who has a enviable wardrobe and is willing to lend. On a larger scale, we think of ourselves as a true democratizer of luxury.

We hope you enjoy browsing through and wearing our dresses. We love to hear your thoughts and look forward to see you in our beautiful gowns!

The Formal Affair Team